Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the timely establishment of relatively simple documents during your lifetime that allow for an orderly transfer and management of funds after death.

For most clients, estate planning involves:

  • Giving you more control over your assets during your lifetime 
  • Providing for your care while disabled, incapacitated, or hospitalized
  • Transferring of your life’s wealth to whom you want, at the time you determine at the lowest overall cost

You will not be around to express your exact wishes after your death. The best way to make sure your money and assets go to the people you want is to have the appropriate legal documents in place to ensure this. Though not a law firm, SWisdom Financial can coordinate with qualified legal professionals the necessary information to protect your estate now and for generations to come.

Estate Planning Basics:

  • Wills – A necessity in almost every situation, especially concerning guardianship of children and bequests of personal property. Proper wording goes a long ways in making sure your wishes are carried out.
  • Medical Directive to Physician/Health Care Representative – Makes sure your wishes are carried our if you are not able to communicate to your physician and family members, taking a great burden off loved ones during a very stressful time. 
  • Durable Power of Attorney – Used in cases where the owner of assets may not be able to conduct their own business matters due to incapacity or in their absence; should only be used with the utmost trust in the person acting as agent.
  • Secure Scanned Documents – Do you know someone who was not able to find a will, or copy of a will, a life insurance policy, or trust document? The cost to probate and administer an estate without a will is multiple times more than with a will. Through Commonwealth Financial Network®'s Investor360°® program, clients are able to securely view their important legal documents free of charge, providing peace of mind in difficult situations.