Retirement Planning

Retirement planning: With more than 31 years of investment experience for individuals, SWisdom Financial offers a broad choice of retirement investments tailored to your specific risk tolerance. With the ever-changing market and interest rate products available, the choices can be confusing. Let us help you simplify and streamline your retirement planning into a manageable portfolio that can help you achieve your life’s goals and beyond.

IRAs are simple, relatively inexpensive, easy-to-establish tax-qualified plans that can be established by an individual. Many clients consolidate former employer sponsored retirement plans in their rollover IRA account to provide additional investment choices to supplement their retirement choices not available in an employer plan.

Qualified plans, such as the familiar 401(k) and pension plans, are offered by employers. Even though the plans have strict limits for contributions, these plans are popular because of their tax benefits, and, depending on your employers company's policy, you may have employer matching of your contribution up to a certain amount, giving you an “instant return” on your 401(k) contribution. We can help you in your qualified plan choices.

Business owners, especially those who are “solo” business owners, can reap very high contribution levels, along with the business (if a corporation) contributing to the owner's plan. Family businesses can take advantage to keep more dollars “in the family” for retirement.

Annuities come in all shapes and sizes. SWisdom Financial can help navigate the ever-changing landscape of annuity products designed to guarantee principal, income, or both. The stability of the insurer is paramount, and we only select and continue to monitor highly rated insurers that guarantee our clients assets for future or current income needs. Typically older clients move toward the stability of annuities with a portion of their assets while near or in retirement to guarantee a portion of their portfolio not subject to equity market fluctuations. Keep in mind, all guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuer.